Viking Tactics Sling

The Viking Tactics Sling’s design has made it a favorite, created for a collapsible stock (AR-15 type rifles), the Viking Tactics Sling is quick, versatile, dynamic, and simple.
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Product details

The Viking Tactics Sling has modularity in construction, allowing to adjust shooting positions with ease. You can move from strong side shoulder, to the weak side shoulder or even secure your carbine during transition. The Viking Tactics Sling has full range of configuration to enhance retention for when you need your hands to be free.

Product specs
  • Product ID: VTAC-MK1
  • UPC Codes: 857466002013, 20, 37, 44, 68, 51
  • NSN Color Black ONLY: 1005015344359
  • 1" Velcro Keeper
  • Resin Treated Nylon
  • Acetyl Tri-Glides
  • Metal Adjuster Buckle
  • Made in the USA!
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