About Us


At Field 18, we are a group of adventure-seekers. Like our customers, we are doers who choose to face challenges head on, and we know the value of the gear that we depend on.

We grew frustrated by the lack of experience-based product design in the market and that nobody was working to improve existing gear based on user feedback.

The Field 18 brand is our effort to do just that:

  • offer quality products that we ourselves and tier 1 customers have designed and tested;
  • never stop evolving our designs;
  • stand behind our gear;
  • and support our growing family of gear-head customers;

Gear you can depend on. A support team that will stand at your side.

If you are a leader in your field and are facing gear challenges, you can contact us to discuss our custom design and rapid prototyping services by sending an email to team@field18.com.